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Explore Alaska  | Support Businesses |  Starts at $45 per Box | Free Shipping in US

Over $50 retail value in each box.

◘ Quarterly Shipments
◘ 4-7 Alaskan Items.

◘ A Product Guide & Blog that Features Every Business.

◘ A Local Artist Featured in Every Box.

◘ Locally Made Food Products.

◘ Personal Care Items.

◘ Household & Personal Design Items.

◘ All Gender Neutral - Anyone Can Love!


Each box features a

unique city or region

of Alaska!

Every box contains 

real full size products

at a retail value above $50!

Our Mission

Why We Support Alaska Local

Here at The Bear Box, we want to provide a collection of amazing local products from small businesses all across Alaska, so that we can help support our local economy, encourage local business owners, and inspire the individual. We want to help build an economic community by showing the people and story behind the products you know and love (and those you might not know about yet!)

Every product has a story and they deserve to be heard.


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