• Chad

Why is buying local important?

We all have a part to play when it comes to supporting our local Alaskan businesses. And whether these parts are smaller or larger, they're all important. The truth of the matter is that we can't always purchase locally. And the reasons for why we can't always do so can vary. That said, I encourage you to consider local first whenever you can.

You're investing in your community

When you shop local, you are purchasing from those closest to you, whether that's your family, friends, or neighbors. Local business owners are much more engaged in the community when compared to their national counterparts; they employ staff that are more in tune with and create deeper relationships with their customers (while creating more jobs within the community); and they are more likely to contribute to nonprofits and other local organizations. You're not only helping to support other individuals within our community but, potentially, causes that can make a difference within our community as well.

The money you spend towards purchasing local tends to stay within the Alaskan community. Economic studies have shown that the portion of a dollar spent toward supporting local businesses that stays within that local economy is at least double the amount of those that are spent supporting larger chain stores.

In turn, those businesses are more likely to reinvest money back into the community which ultimately helps us all prosper and maintains the uniqueness that makes Alaska so great!

At the end of the day, it's exciting to see more and more local businesses sprouting up, thriving, and contributing to our local economy. I'd take that over a bunch of corporate stores any day of the week.

Buy local when you can

Like I said above, sometimes you can't buy local, and that's okay. I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad. I just want to encourage that when you think about buying something, you think local first. And that you support local whenever you're able.

Here's some additional reading on why local matters.

Why is supporting local important to you? Sound off in the comments and let me know, I'd love to hear from you. :)